5 phrases you should never say to children


Any parent will say that raising a child is the most difficult job you’ll ever have. in life, every single decision that a parent makes when it comes to their children is going to have a lasting effect on their children’s lives.

the bond between parents and children it should be an unbreakable bond to create that bond and to keep it alive

both parents and children need to communicate well well the way a child’s raised it plays a huge role in the person that they’re going to be when they grow up and many parents walk the right path and mostly do the right things when raising their kids, unfortunately, there’s no real handbook that’ll tell you how to raise your children,you should never say to your children first though .

Boys or girls are never afraid

well that’s not true and as a parent you know that if you say this to your kids it’s not gonna keep them from being afraid all it’ll do is make your child afraid to tell you that they are afraid they’ll be afraid to show you their real feelings instead of telling your child that boys or girls are never afraid you should tell them that they have nothing to be afraid of that’ll help your child to feel safe and you won’t make them afraid to talk about their feelings

you’re not as beautiful, smart, or good as you should be according to regulation

you should never tell your child that they’re not good enough for example if your child is in dance class and they’re not doing.

very well like the other kids don’t tell them that saying these kinds of things to your child will make them feel insecure and like they’re not good enough instead you should try to teach your child to love themselves exactly the way they are.

children with family

stop crying rapidly

listening to your child can be incredibly annoying once in a while but you should never tell your child that they should stop crying immediately just because it’s getting on your nerves everyone contains a right to cry after they feel they have to if you’re feeling like having a decent cry you do not wish someone telling you to prevent so why should you tell your child that also shouting at your child because they’re crying it’s only gonna make them cry more if your child’s crying may be hug them it’ll maybe help calm them down faster so you can find out what they’re crying about in the first place when you’re crying you often want comfort you don’t want somebody coming up to you and saying hey stop crying immediately it’s

not what you need when you’re crying and it’s not what your child needs when they’re crying either

why is it so difficult to finish the sentence to yourself  ???

if your child is struggling with something it’s a bad idea to ask

they why it’s so difficult for them to do it whatever it is a statement like this will make your child feel unworthy

they’ll begin to wonder why it is that they can’t do what they’re trying to do in time your child will start to feel afraid to try new things it’s a feeling that will stick with your child forever

too if you create a slip or if you struggle with one thing you do not need someone asking you why you are having therefore

much trouble with it if you don’t want to hear that from other people your child certainly doesn’t want to hear it from you instead of asking your child why they’re having so much trouble with something maybe work with them help them

do it help them do that thing that they’re struggling with or help them to learn how to do it better on their own

not only will this give your child a feeling of accomplishment it’ll so make them more willing to try new things and they’ll open up to you when they do have a problem

I can’t ever think you do that

if you child it does something wrong let them know what they did wrong and why it was wrong the thing you don’t want to do is make them feel like a disappointment it’s something that will stick with your child forever when your child feels that they’ve disappointed you it can actually be damaging to their

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