The subject that your wife should know when she’s pregnant


Men are lucky because they do not need to drink ginger water for all 9 months, which saves from toxemia, to experience puffiness and to receive blows to the liver.
What other things do you need to know the stronger sex about pregnant women?

1-There should always be food in the refrigerator

This is the most important and basic rule that every man should know about pregnant women. Gynecologists explain this simply: hormonal changes in a pregnant woman’s body affect appetite and taste preferences, so do not be surprised if your pregnant wife suddenly fell in love with barrel apples or olives. Your task is to stock up on food as much as possible so that at one in the morning you do not go for another cake that is sold at the other end of the city.

2-You will start to get fat together

Pregnant wife and the man is gaining excess weight. Why does it happen? Need to look at item number 1. A pregnant woman can change her taste preferences several times a day, so several dishes are usually cooked in the fridge, and several more are ordered at a restaurant, simply because she really wanted to.

3-Strange sex

One more fact that every man should know about pregnancy is that you can engage in sex if there are no contraindications, but prepare yourself mentally for the fact that he will be, put it mildly, unusual …

A strong hormonal explosion in the female body can provoke different emotions. Do not be surprised if after sex the pregnant wife wants to cry. Cause? The most common – it is thick and more unattractive!
What to do? Soothe, say compliments and use point number 1.

women pregnant

4-It is difficult only for a woman

If a woman is pregnant, she is more difficult than you. We will not prove anything, accept it as an axiom. If you have a deadline at work, remember that you are lucky not to have toxicosis and swollen legs.

We do not even recommend starting to complain to the wife in the position, otherwise, you will hear the following: “What kind of deadlines are you telling me? I can not make up the toenails, because my stomach is bothering me! This is the problem! ”

5-Your perfume is very unpleasant!

If she gave you a perfume before pregnancy, you need to throw it away. By the way, and not only him, but also all flavored cosmetics with a strong odor. Yes, yes, now their smell is the cause of your wife’s constant nausea. In women, the sense of smell is very acute – this is another fact that men need to know.

6-Beautiful breasts

Surely you did not know that pregnancy will give sexuality to the forms of the wife. For example, size A has now become C. But even here there is a problem – a man’s chest cannot be touched, as it often hurts and itches. But to admire – please!

7-Think when joking

Yes, she loved you for her sense of humor, but during pregnancy all the jokes that relate to her figure and cooked dishes are taboo! And definitely no criticism. You need to silently eat fish in a berry sauce with powdered sugar. It is tasty, especially if you are a pregnant husband.

All 9 months this list is your reference book. And remember, men, care, and attention – it is very necessary for pregnant.

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