8 things men need to know about pregnant women


When it comes to pregnant women, I still hardly understand women as a whole. In fact, I rather anti-expert. Fortunately for you, I made so many stupid mistakes during the pregnancy of women because of that I want this matter to tell you things that you should know to avoid my mistakes.

Here are the 8 most important things to remember:

1. Feed her constantly

Each of us is aware that food is the most important thing for a pregnant woman. But the lay people may not understand that time is of the essence.

Understand that the phrase “I’m hungry” does not mean that she is looking forward to the dinner you have planned for an hour later. This suggests that she wants something to eat before you go to a restaurant. And then again, when you go in the car. If your woman does not have the opportunity to eat in time, then at best it threatens you with insane bitchiness on her part, and at worst with bodily injuries.

2. Food: all yours is hers, all it’s are only hers.

Probably, you have been married or have just been together for several years, and therefore you have bought into all this nonsense about spiritual unity, living together, etc. And while some of this applies, but when it comes to food, “the stakes are canceled.” If you eat her food, she will be ready to nail you.

Somehow I had the imprudence to eat my wife’s chocolate, and when she discovered this, she became enraged. It was one of the most horrific sights that I had ever seen. Just do not repeat my mistakes.

3. Be prepared for weight gain.

Please note that for now, all the tips concern food. It’s not a mistake. Sooner or later, she will have a strong appetite. When my wife was pregnant with Will, she really wanted pizza, whale-kata and grapefruit. During her second pregnancy, a whim was a fruit salad and nothing more. But you should also know that one of the unmentioned side effects of pregnancy is overweight, which is exactly what you are gaining. Yes, men are recovering too.

This is mainly due to the fact that we are becoming partners with our wives in nutrition.  So take care of yourself.

4. Do not tell her that she recovered

I knew that pregnant women were gaining weight. That is why I have not seen anything wrong with telling her that she has a beautiful round belly. In my opinion, this is a natural phenomenon and everything, as it should be, and nothing more beautiful in life, I have not seen. But after I had the imprudence to tell her a couple of times about it, she screamed with such anger: “IT’S ENOUGH TO TELL ME WHAT I AM FAT!

I DON’T NEED ABOUT THIS EVERY TIME! ”Then it didn’t matter to her that in my eyes she was more beautiful than she had never looked in her life …


5. “Pregnant Mind” does exist

I know this is perhaps a somewhat cumbersome term. But it is not. “Pregnant mind” is a normal phenomenon. It starts with such everyday occurrences as finding her sunglasses while they are on her head, which is charming in its own way. But soon everything develops into a strange kind of other kinds.

6. Farewell, sense of humor

Good news: she is expecting a baby. And the bad news? A pregnant woman and a sense of humor are incompatible things. If you are as witty as I am, then this is especially a problem, since I am used to expressing my affection for people with the help of jokes.

7. Say goodbye to sex.

Listen to me carefully – you will be sexually dissatisfied. The first trimester is the worst. This is a period when many changes will occur in her body, and her state of health will be really bad. But there is also good news: twice during the course of pregnancy, sex will still be there for you. You will have between one and two weeks of time when her sexual attraction returns at the beginning of the second trimester. Enjoy it, because it will not happen again until the end of pregnancy. Toward the end, your wife will want to give birth so desperately so quickly that she will use sex in the hope that she will contribute to birth.

8. Yes, her breasts are much larger; no, you can’t touch them

As we are now discussing the topic of sex, let me tell you about the cruelest focus of nature. A woman who wears a child’s heart is gorgeous. This “pregnant” beauty, which everyone talks about – exists. Miracles happen to her hair, nails, and breasts.

Size A becomes miraculously the size of C, B becomes D, and C becomes “Hallelujah, thanks, Lord God!” Chest swells to gigantic sizes, bras literally tear at the seams. The only problem is that you are not allowed to touch your chest. It’s like going to a pet shop, seeing cute puppies behind glass, but not being able to pet them. They are adorable and you want to take them home forever, but if you try to even touch her puppies, she will be ready to destroy you. Believe me.

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