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Father for son – the main example of imitation. Not everyone is fully aware of the importance of the role of the father in raising his son. Any male infant is not born a man in the full sense of the word. The male character, as well as actions worthy of a real man, can be brought up only by your positive example.

Awareness of their role in education

It is important that the father is fully aware of his role in raising the child, then his authority as head of the family will be undeniable, and the child will respect the father and reach out to him. Having missed the upbringing of children in the first years of life, it is sometimes very difficult or even impossible to make up for the wasted time.
The male type of relationship is inherent in men only, and therefore the father always becomes the first and main friend of the son. Between them, as a rule, there are relations that many women simply do not understand, a kind of peculiar method of education. Boys take over from his father all his qualities, sometimes not even the best, but peculiar to him. Only the father’s behavior seems to the child truly correct and fair, and his way of life is a theorem that does not need proof.

Child or work?

A father should pay maximum attention to his son, sometimes postponing work “for later”. The most common mistake – buy off toys or sweets. Some men believe that this way compensates for the lack of attention. Material values, which seem to be the primary task for adults, are not so important for the crumbs. He is much more pleasant to play with his parents, especially his father, or to go out for a walk with his whole family. Replacing communication purchases, parents simply recognize their weakness and the inability to perform their parental responsibilities.

No aggression

Opposing coaxing behavior is also common. In this case, the parents do not shower the baby with shopping, thus compensating for the lack of attention. They begin to demand unquestioning obedience from the child, establish incredibly Spartan rules, or read lengthy and extremely tedious notations. This behavior kills the child’s desire to communicate with elders, he begins to seek understanding on the side.

Basic behavior

Cheeky and wrong behavior in the family is the biggest mistake a father can make. For example, a disrespectful attitude towards the mother of her child leads to the loss of her authority, the baby simply will not respect his mother. The child also begins to understand the attacks of aggression towards his parents (grandmother and grandfather of the child) as the only correct communication style. Are you sure that in a few years you will not suffer the same fate? Relationships in the family, your behavior in society, unflattering reviews about people – all this the child “copies” and does the same in adulthood. Therefore, giving in to your immediate ambitions, you are setting a bad example for your child.

The baby begins to form the wrong idea of ​​what should be the head of the family. Boys brought up with an example of disrespect for their family members and those around them are not only unable to support their other half, but also do not perceive other patterns of behavior. Vital installation is already formed, and nothing can be done about it anymore.

Behavioral foundations are laid in the very early childhood. The stereotypes and norms of social relations should be clear to the child, and to give them the correct interpretation is one of the primary tasks of the father. You need to be able to send a son, to create the same “framework”, on which materials from personal experience will later be “superimposed”. Do not miss the relationship with the opposite sex. Teach your son to treat women as an equal party, without too much superiority. And at the same time, the baby must understand that in some life situations he must be a reliable rear and a strong shoulder.

support your kids

Child and society

Relationships in society are an important part of life, but you also need to be able to manage household chores. For a start, you can teach your child to simply clean up after themselves, and then you can add other important things to his responsibilities. For example, sweep the floor, take out the trash, help your dad hang a picture … But there are so many things to do at home! A real man should be able to cope with the most difficult work. After you introduced your son to household chores, you can begin to master the financial component of life. The child must understand that money does not come from anywhere, but is earned by its labor. But in the process of adapting to the financial side of life, it is important not to overdo it and stop at the golden mean. The child should develop a respectful attitude to the earned money, but without idolatry.

A good education is possible only with a positive personal example. Children “absorb” all our positive and negative qualities. Do not delay the moment of upbringing to transitional age, begin to teach your son from early childhood and react to his mistakes immediately.

Imagine for a moment that your child will also become the head of the family in the future. What young man would you like to see as your daughter’s husband? Surely he should be disciplined, law-abiding, able to cope with life and be responsible for their words and deeds? By answering these questions, you can work out the right tactics of behavior.

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