What should be the attitude of men to a pregnant wife?


The attitude of a man to the pregnancy of his beloved woman manifests itself in different ways: when one is shocked by change and does not know how to reach the other one is buying up all thematic literature and in passing writes his wife to the gymnastics for pregnant women. What should be the attitude of the husband to the pregnant wife?

As with everything, it is important to respect the measure. If the husband will pay little attention, the pregnant wife will suffer from its lack. “He doesn’t love me,” “he and I don’t need me with a child” – just about such cunning little thoughts are attacking a woman’s brain in such a situation. If a man, on the contrary, she tries too hard to create maximum comfort for her, then she feels limited in freedom, deprived of the right to decide anything on her own.

Why does a woman’s behavior change during pregnancy?
One of the main reasons is hormonal changes. The woman’s body is completely rebuilt, begins to work in an enhanced mode, and therefore – to consume twice as many resources. A woman gets tired faster, which causes irritability.

That is why a husband should treat a pregnant wife with a special understanding, share this responsibility with her, give her confidence that support and protection are always there, which will always protect and support her.

How does a man feel during his wife’s pregnancy? In the 9 months that nature has set aside for the formation of the fetus, not only he matures, but also the parents for paternity and motherhood. In E. Burn’s book “Games People Play”, an interesting theory is presented, according to which many factors influence the personality of the future person.

Factors that influence the personality of the future person:

the emotional state of parents at conception, desire to have a child the state when both parents learned about the upcoming replenishment, the behavior of both parents during pregnancy, waiting for a child of a certain sex.
For this reason, it is important to monitor your behavior and attitude to the situation. In terms of psychological comfort, it is easier for a woman to accept and endure the thought of pregnancy (the first trimester is most difficult), nature for this and rebuilds the hormones. In a man, “perestroika” does not occur, which means it’s worth working on yourself.


It happens that a man begins to be jealous of his wife for the child, or rather, for her tummy. As if she was thinking and talking about him more than about her beloved husband.

Another man begins to worry more about the financial security of the family: how stable the current situation is, whether everything will collapse in a jiffy, whether he can fully meet the needs of his child and the whole family.

Another question that worries a man: “Will I be a good father?”. A man wants to be an ideal example for a future child but does not yet know how to behave and what to do for it. This question is solved by time, nature at the right time will tell you how to behave.

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